Progress Levels

The aim of the progress levels are to give everyone a focus to work towards for various levels of completion for the engine. It is not intended for these levels to represent the completion of the entire game, but more like the functionality and features that the engine possesses. Every level has been designed so that most of the tech team can work towards completing it. If we are currently working on a level that does not need someones input, then it is urged for them to work on the more complicated work in later levels. Everyone should have something to be working on, we all know our focus areas and what parts of the levels will apply to them.

These levels don't actually represent everything that we will need to do either, so if you see something missing, please add it here with a little note next to it to say who added it.

The deadlines should be adhered to as if they were mini hand ins for coursework. As Kudzai said, we should be working towards each level of completion as if we were working in industry. The Mondays and Wednesdays before a deadline should see us all together working towards getting the level done in class, and uploaded to basecamp so we can mark off the deadline as completed.

Each feature will be worked on by who ever has a focus for that area. Teams of people can also work on a single feature, and I will try to keep these updated on this page so that everyone knows what they are responsible for.


Opening Screen
Cut Scenes - Story Telling Elements, Conversations
Boss Battle AI
Advanced NPC AI
Final Polishing of ALL Game Elements
Anything Missed
Game Show Demo Preparation and Play Through Complete


Glass (Breakable?)
Sea Windows
Advanced Level Effects (Particle Systems, Puzzles)
NPCs - Animations, Basic AI [Search - Attack]
Spawning NPCs at Points designated by UDK
Collision Detection (Other NPCs)
Damage - Player Weapons, NPC attacks, Volumes
Dying - Player and NPCs
More Advanced Weapons - Reload, Combinable
Inventory Items - Med Pack, Puzzle Items, Specials
Sounds - Items, Weapons, NPCs, Player, Level Sounds, All 3D
Advanced GUI - Finished GUI for weapon displays, Ammo, Menus
Player Animations Finished - Die, Take Damage, Etc


Advanced Complex Room with Subtraction
Advanced Lights - Colours, Volume Light
Door - Open/Close
Elevator - Up/Down
3D Models Loaded into Room (From UDK Information)
Limited Inventory Demo - Pick Up Items, Display, Drop Items
Limited Weapon Demo - Draw Gun, Fire, Change to Melee
Particle Effect Demo
Volumes (Water, Gas, Fire)
Basic Sound for Interaction Elements (Menu, Inventory, Draw Gun, Fire)
3D Biped Basic Animations - Walk, Jump, Crouch


Deadline: 11th April 2010 (18th April Latest)

More Complex Room (Imported from UDK)
Texture Information Applied to Walls (Imported from UDK)
Spot Lights, Direction Lights
3D Models Loaded into Room
Collision Detection for 3D Models
Camera Collision Detection
Sound Triggers Class - Call function when something happens to play sound
Standard GUI - Image on Screen, Text changeable by functions

LEVEL 1 COMPLETED 25th March 2010

Deadline: 15th Feb 2010

This is the most basic version of the engine. It will in some ways be lesser than our current build of 0.0003, but it will also represent a clearly structured and stable build of the engine. It will only need to contain these features to showcase the engine, and provide a basic foundation for us to add to in order to build the engine up. It should look like a professional showcase of a basic game by the end with no bugs.


Basic Box Room(Imported from UDK) – MATT

Texture Applied to Walls and Floor (XNA Code) – HARVEER

Light in Centre of Room – MATT/HARVEER

3D Biped – Moveable in environment (No animation) – YAZ

Collision Detection – Floor/Walls – LOEN

Basic Physics (Gravity) – SOHAIL

Cameras – Interchange between 3rd Person/First Person – MATT/LUCY

Ambient Music Playing in Background – KUDZAI/MATT

Basic GUI - Menu Button, Test Text on Screen – LUCY

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