The physics for this game will be written from scratch by the Right Honorable Sohail Nasir, it was decided that JiggleX was not fit for purpose due to the potencial complications with the class library. Leave the JiggleX stuff up here becuase I will need it for my final report.


So far I have tried to implement gravity, I did achieve a degree of sucess but during the new build of engine, the gravity stopped working and now I need to fix it.

Physics that need to be programmed


  • Gravity

Ones to do if there is time

  • Slipperyness
  • Resistance

Stuff other guys are doing

  • Grid system for physics and other things (Kudzai)
  • Collision (Loen as far as I know)

First Example achieved by the Right Honourable Sohail Nasir

Ok, I got the first JigLibX example working, it is nothing specatacular but its a start, its a cube falling from the air and bouncing on a bigger cube, the collision is off but that's my fault for not getting the maths right.

This is only a rough example, so its nothing spectacular, I am hoping JiggleX will cut our workload. I have not commented the source yet but I intend to later on but for the mean time:

Here is my source:

Also I didnt load it to the main mediafire account because I did not use our build of our engine.

@Loen, download this source and check it out, play with the values and I hope you get better soon

Stuff JigLibX can do in regards to physics

  • Gravity
  • Particles (Very basic as far as I know)
  • Collision
  • Enveloping to a degree, however Design team still need to envelop their more complex meshes
  • Basic Character movement
  • Particle Collison
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