Enemies Ai V3.0

General look of them is pale, sunken eyes, and getting skinnier, and possible hunching of posture. Matted hair (for just a texture) not actual physic properties.

This is a list of enemies which are present in the game that will attack the player. They range from passengers on the cruise ship to staff members. The enemies are all deranged however they are not zombies.

  • Crazy people who ARENT zombies:
  • As you progress up the decks they become more mutated. E.g torn clothing, wounds. Aim to give a disturbing feel about them.
  • Crew members, cabin crew, floor manager/janitor, bell boys! People from casino (tuxedo’s etc) People who work there. (Needed enemy – Janitor with a broom of nails)
  • Janitor is a pinnacle/boss enemy – Just an FYI
  • Passengers/civilians – High class, Man, (fat woman – APPARENTLY THERE ARE SOME POSSIBLE ETHICAL ISSUES but screw that) – No children for ethical reasons.

• Rescue team members – These guys are dead – Just needed to be modelled and textured.

• Grunt and gut sounds – These people have No hugely disturbing features – For instance the janitor just has a giant grin on his face

• AI- Weapons, able to throw objects, different ways of attacking: running at the player, walking. Triggers enable spawning of some enemies behind the player.

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