Animation Design Template

finally an update for you guys!

been working on the types on animations were gonna be needing and worked it down the this list so far (not in order) let me know what you think and comment or whatever you like if I forgot any, oh and by the way I’m halfway through drawing up a motion plan for all these but it’s in what I call "HalfCrazy" so basically only I understand but I’m the only guy who really needs it so not really a prob. But if you want me to put up copies just let me know.

Well, here it goes:

Standing : Unarmed waiting animation : Gun 1H waiting animation : Gun 2H waiting animation : melee 1H waiting animation : melee 2H waiting animation : Standing jump : Crouch

Gun 1H Wielding stance : Gun 2H Wielding stance : melee 1H Wielding stance (inc throwing weapons) : melee 2H Wielding stance : Gun 1H movement animation :

Gun 2H movement animation : melee 1H movement animation : melee 2H movement animation : Holstering : Aiming Gun 1H : Aiming 2H Gun : Aiming thrown weapons :

Reloading Gun 1H : Reloading machinegun : Reloading Shotguns: Reloading Rifles : Reloading 6/8 shooter or barrel fitted grenade launcher : Reloading Rail gun :

Item Pick up High : Item Pick up med : Item Pick up Low : Item Pick up Floor : Switch/pack use : Death forwards : Death backwards : Moving jump : Moving while crouched :

Walking : Running : Being hit : Attacking with melee 1H : Attacking with melee 2H : Throwing : Shooting Gun 1H : Shooting machinegun : Shooting shotgun : Shooting Rifle :

Shooting 6/8 shooter : Shooting Grenade launcher : Shooting Rail Gun : …… think the covers everything…. and anything as you might have noticed :P

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