Welcome to the new Core Tech Group Wiki 2.0!

Welcome everyone to the new and improved Core Tech Group Wiki 2.0!

This site seems 10x better than the last one, a lot clearer, and generally provides a lot more support for editing pages and laying out stuff. I'll port over any information from the old wiki and put it here.

For now, I'm going to work on laying out the wiki pages for everyone to edit as they complete the work towards the core game engine. Everyone should know what they need to be working on and coding, and a page will be set up for you to put down your findings and other details of your work.

Coding Practices and Standards

I've added a Coding Standards and Practices document, courtesy of the team at dotnetspider.com.
Its really important you read this! It'll be a good recap on how to code effectively, and will no doubt be invaluable for when you go into industry and start coding in a professional environment. As all our work is going to be peer assessed as well, you can rely on others pointing out mistakes.

Game Engine Build

This is the latest build of the engine and the following are the new features:

  • 4 different camera modes
  • support for .fbx and .x files
  • a User Manual (which is not really a manual as such but will make life easy for programmers)

You may critique it, edit it or play with it and add to it and your feedback is most welcome…

Download it from this link enjoy!!!

Unreal Development Kit Level Editor

Just to make sure everyone is on the right page, we've had a few developments on the level editor. With the release of the UDK, its possible that we can let the designers build their levels in it, and then have our XNA engine read the output of the level editor into our XNA game.

UDK uses a quasi XML format to list all vertices and object locations. This information can be used to load the levels!

Also materials in UDK can be exported directly as C++ shader code, which can be read into our own shaders to be applied within the XNA engine. Harveer will be looking into this further. If such materials are also referenced in the level editor, then technically the design team will be able to make and apply materials within UDK, and our XNA engine will read all of this.

Official Game Engine Build

This is the latest build of the engine but it is to be short lived as version is to follow shortly by early Monday morning however this is so that all may see the work done so far and what has been done in the last couple of weeks. Including all the features of the past 2 builds, new fearures include:

  • easier switching and management of camera modes
  • custom collision detection - nearly break proof
  • the engine is split into 2 with the Game Library on its own and the executable on its own
  • a building block that will be used for creating worlds in future builds of the engine

This version does not come with a user manual because as I said, it's short lived and its successor will be here very soon!!!

Download it from this link enjoy!!!

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